ZMI Garden Outdoor Travel Portable Mosquito Dispeller Repellents for Camping Hunting

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---- G u e s s W h a t ? -----
- Xiaomi ZMI Newest Portable Mosquito Repeller is Coming for You -
- We not just solve your house Mosquito Problem, We still care about you:)

XIAOMI ZMI Porrtable Mosquito Reoeller
Brand   ZMI (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)
ModelZMI Portable Mosquito Repeller
ColorWarm White
Product Weight50g
Product Material  Full High Quality Organic Silicone Appearance Design 
General Function
Main Feature 
Battery Powered, Rotation Drive, Centrifugal Volatilization
Metofluthrin repellents, safe and healthy, without pungent smell
Transparent cover, prevent misoperation and waste

Rounded corner design, silicone portable rope, anti twist
Mosquito prevention without spraying on skin 
240 hours effective time ( Long lasting over 30 Days for 8 hours a day)

Total Rounded Appearance Design,Anti-Block and Energy-Saving
(Epochal mini for any place you want to use it)
ApplicationCamping&Hiking&Travel&Hunting&Fishing&Garden etc  
(Factly, you can place it in anywhere you want, even in your home )
How to usePress the Separate buttom to open the dispeller, put in the batteries, then press the switch, it will start to work.
Power By 2 x AAA Battery ( Included for you )
Working Time More than 30 days with effecttive Use

Note : If you are onterested in the replacement of ZMI Portable Mosquito Dispeller, please click here :  1337016  to get it!

Package Includes :

1 x Xiaomi ZMI Portable Mosquito Dispeller
1 x Xiaomi ZMI Transparent Protection Cover
1 x Xiaomi MI Portable Rope
2 x Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Repellents Piece
4 x Xiaomi AAA Batteries







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