Q600 Qi Wireless Fast Charger Stand Desktop Holder for Samsung S7 S8 iPhone 8

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Model: Q600
wireless charging standard: Qi wireless charger standard
Wireless charging input voltage: DC5V---2A, DC9V---1.67A
Wireless charging port: Micro-USB port
Wireless transmitting power: Normal:5W, Fast Charge: 10W
Wireless transmitting distance: approx. 0~5mm
Wireless charging efficiency: ≥73%
Protection: Abnormal charging protection 
Overcurrent protection: When charging current consumption is more than 2.2A,
it will automatically stop charging to prevent the charger from damage.
Over temperature protection: when charging temperature is higher than 60 °,
please wait for the temperature down and then recharge.
Standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 50mW.
Charging model: 3-coils design, horizontal and vertical direction are available for mobile phone wireless charging. 
Charging indication The blue led light on is standby; The green led light to be on when wireless charging.
Product size: approx. 121*70*23mm
Net weight: approx. 100g
Product Induction&Operation:
â‘  Micro USB input interface, insert the data charging cable (with four functional core) to USB plug at the other end of the
QC2.0 fast charging power adapter, blue light indicates that the device is turned on.
â‘¡ Align the mobile phone wireless charging area to the charger’s charging area, green LED  light turns on shows wireless charging starts.
â‘¢ Blue led light keeps lighting when standby, the green LED light lights on when wireless charging, the light blinks on under abnormal condition.
Fit for andriod&iphone, such as S7, S8, iPhone6, iPhone6s, iPhoneplus, iPhone7, iPhone7plus, iPhone8, iPhoneplus, iPhoneX, exct.
1. Please use the adequate power adapter, otherwise, the wireless charging efficiency will be affected. 
2. If you want to use the wireless function of the fast charge, be sure to use QC2.0 fast charging power adapter, 
9V/ 1.67A input, and charging wire to four-core data with data line capabilities. 
3. If the phone is equipped with a protective cover thickness exceeds 2mm, if your phone is equipped with a metal protective
cover on the back, please remove it before charging wirelessly for best effect.
4. If the light blinks, your phone is not placed in the central area of the placement site please make adjustment/ 
troubleshooting and then continue to charge.
Package Included:
1x 3-Coils Wireless Fast Charge Stand (Not include the phone)
1x User manual
1.Please allow 1-3mm errors due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect
the actual color of the item.

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