S7 Wireless Charger Heart Wireless Charging Pad For Samsung S6 S6 edge

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1. The S7 Wireless Charger lets you help to keep your surroundings tidy, It looks great wherever you use it ― the living room, the office or the bedroom.
2. The S7 Wireless Charger  is pefect Match for your Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge+.
3. The s7 wireless charger is a great fit with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, You can recharge your phone by Simply placing it on the charger ,without any need for additional accessories.
4. Standby is a steady red light, its environment LED display shows the charging status, from a flashing blue steering a steady blue when the battery is fully charged.
5. Compatible with mobile devices and wireless charging cases that suppott WPC wireless charging .
6. Clutter-free Convenience, Highly Compatible, Effortless Charging.

Packing List: 
1. Transmitter(104*94*8.8 MM)
2. USB cable*1
3. Instructions

1. Input voltage: DC5V-2000mA  
2. Transmitting power: 5W
3. Charging current: 5V-1000mA
4. Wireless distance: 10mm
5. Dimension: 84*14mm
6. Efficiency: ≥73%
7. Standard: QI
8. Color: Black / White/blue


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