USB Portable Body Shaping Electric Massager Rechargeable Frequency Shaping Equipment Shaping Legs Arms Lower Abdomen

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stimulating acupoint,ergonomic design electric massager

-New high frequency vibration massage,waterproof design &anti-slip,

-3D massage silicone brush head,relieve pain,easy to clean

-Ultrasonic high frequency vibration
Promote the decomposition of fat to shape your arms, legs, and lower abdomen

- Frequency System
Heat the fat so that it can be dissolved faster in your body to lo-se weight

 --Multifunctional 3 modes:
625nm wavelength help to activate your skin cells and promote the metabolism of cells, improve your skin condition

3 modes:
Red Light Mode:Slight vibration for daily massage.
Green Light Mode:Medium frequency vibration for essential oil absorption.
Blue Light:Mode:High vibration frequency for deep massage.
just press the on/off button, and you can easily changing the mode you like

-Easy hold, portable and rechargeable
you can easily hold this massager when using and take it when traveling. Recently, there are other unauthorized sellers selling this massager. Smidream is not responsible for those massager sold by other sellers.

Name:Electric Massager Brush
Materila:ABS+Silicone brush head
Type:USB Rechargable Cordless


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