Yuwell e-Tens Smartphone Electric Massager Version Back Cervical Muscle Stimulator Knock Press Kneading Training Body Relieve Tool for Iphone

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Mini Portable Muscle Body Phone Massage Stimulator Mobile Connection Acupuncture Therapy Back Neck Shoulder Electric Massage Pad Relax

The product is controlled by a microprocessor,
This product generated internally waves of different frequencies and intensities.
These impulses stimulate muscle strain site and achieve to relieve fatigue effect.
Pulses send the signal that make the muscles tense to relax and then diastolic.
These pulses are designed to simulate the neural information in the natural state,
So that the muscles can effectively and comfortably retractable. Normal muscle simulant movement again and again,
If you do not care like other massage methods. It's small in size easily portable. It can be loaded in combination with computers, mobile power and USB power devices. now you can sit at home and enjoy the benefits of this massage. It help you to have a fit and Heath body easily.

Product Description:
Item name: whole body massage
White colour

Use Instruction:
The first step: Connect the phone or portable battery;
The second step: Connect the wire to the piece;
The third step: Paste the patch massage the skin where you want massage;
The fourth step: Press the plus (+) button, it will start working;
No need to use with batteries or charge. Connect the phone, it can be used directly.

Package Included:
1 X Yuwell Phone Charged Back Collar Collar Muscle Electric Massager ( For Apple IOS)

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