220V 2000mAh Electric Handheld Vibrating Massager Cordless Massage Stick for Shoulder Neck Waist Back Massage With 6 Massage Heads

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--With handheld electric massager you can easily hold it and reach your back or leg that anywhere you want to massage.
--This handheld deep tissue massager focuses on killing your fatigue and tightness, reliving your pain and tiredness.
--Handheld electric massager can be widely welcomed by athletes, housewives, fatigued people, senior citizens.
Name:Wireless Handheld Electric Massager machine
Supply voltage:220V
Rated voltage:8.4V 
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Working time:120-150min
Material:ABS+Painting shell
Color:White/Silver grey
Massage Manipulation:Vibration
Control panel: microcomputer
Massage Parts:Full Body,Neck,Shoulder,Back and Arm,Leg,etc.
-120°camber designnon-slip handle
-6 kinds of massage heads,10 kinds of gears,12 modes,720 kinds of massage experience.
-Smart buttons,digital display,easy to operate,clear to see the massage time.
-Pure copper motor,strong power,long life and durable.
6 Massage Heads:with 6pcs of different massage nodes removable free massage heads for a variety of massaging options to meet different need,
well promoting stress relief with full massage on body part as back, shoulder, and legs.
Variable Speed Adjustment: Whether you prefer a gentler massage experience or an intenser one, simply rotate the rotary control and an intensity level that meet your demand could be selected.
Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic design and the lengthen massager heads perfect fitting your shoulder, neck,foot and your back. Elongated curved handle allows easy application for those hard-to-reach areas.
Percussion Action Massager With heat: The percussion massage pillow is your move personal masseuse,Relieves built-up muscle tension and pain while enhancing blood circulation. Built for deep tissue body massage.
Enjoy multi-massage experiences
Eliminate excess fat: Eliminate excess fat on the back, hips, waist, and legs.
Tightening the line: Firming and relaxing skin layer makes the skin more tight and elastic.
Accelerate metabolism: promote gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation, and at the same time improve your body.
Prevent rebound: Burn excess fat and maintain a perfect curve for a long time.
Strengthen blood circulation: Regular use can speed up blood flow, wash blood vessels, and discharge harmful substances.
Regulate the nervous system: Improve the nerve's ability to conduct, appropriate vibration massage can make the autonomic nerve balance and change.
Package included:
1 x Wireless Handheld Electric Massager machine
6 x Massage Heads
1 x User Manual

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